Trimmer’s Tool Carrier & Organizer


Designed by Jaime Jackson

2012 model. Leather with nylon carrying strap.

    • Organizes your standard trimming tools in individualized pockets: nippers, shoe pullers, flat rasp, hoof knife and sharpeners, hoof pick, and the SR-3 Sole/bar Rasp.
    • With tools secured in their pockets, carrier prevents dulling of nipper blade, rasp teeth, and knife edges.
    • Closes/opens easily & quickly with adjustable strap/buckle.
    • Cover flap secures tools so they won’t fall out.
    • Sealed from the elements, tools are much less likely to rust.
    • Made of quality, durable leather.
    • Adjustable shoulder carrying strap

    Color: Sienna (but may vary).

    When ordering, specify in the drop down menu above whether you want the item shipped to you, or that you will pick it up at my clinic.