Paddock Paradise Consultation


A message from Jaime Jackson:

If you are in need of assistance, ideas and/or support for constructing a Paddock Paradise (natural boarding model) for your own horses, then this is the right consultation choice for you. My colleague Jill Willis conducts this service. Jill and I work closely together to manage the AANHCP field headquarters, which includes our association's Paddock Paradise, feeding program, management of the horses and tours.

You may register with her for an email consultation or an on-site consultation at your facility. 

The process for an on-site consultation will begin with the email consultation in order for the project and property information to be gathered. You might want to email Jill before registering if you are interested in an on-site consultation to explain your needs and discuss costs.

The email consultation covers up to three hours of time analyzing your needs, your photos, and information provided in the questionare in order for her to provide you with a suggested plan and a 'rough' drawing / design of a PP that is the 'best use' of your property and of your goals for the natural environment. Should you desire on-going oversight, assistance and/or feedback on your project or detailed 'to-scale' drawings, (etc.), please email Jill to discuss a budget. If you have a larger and/or more complex situation such as a commercial boarding facility, a breeding operation with multiple tracks, a rehabilitation facility or training facility or simply a very large ranch with a large number of horses, you will be able to begin the process with an email consultation. Additional hours necessary to complete a large-scale plan and design can be better projected after you have completed the questionnaire. And of course, I work closely with Jill and am available to assist!

Register here for an email Paddock Paradise consultation.