ISNHCP Natural Trim Training Manual


139 pp., Perfect bound, color format, 2017 edition.

This is the "official" training manual of the ISNHCP Natural Trim Training Program. The manual is "keyed" to the training steps delineated on the ISNHCP website ( I wrote this extensive "study guide" to help students in their studies of our many learning materials, which otherwise is a very daunting task. I introduce students to each new area of study, which include my most recent interpretations of and insights into the complexities of the natural trim, along with many "quizzes" and a quiz "answer key" so they can check their understanding of the material as they move forward. The main purpose is to provide students with a solid academic foundation of the natural trim which they will need if they are to advance the highest levels of achievement as practitioners in the field.

See the manual's table of contents here.

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