G. E. Forge Hoof Nippers


Essential NHC practitioner tool.

There are two G.E. Forge hoof nipper models that I am recommending for precision trimming. As explained below, I use both to facilitate efficient trimming. They are an important investment for the serious trimmer.

G.E. Forge "Easy" 14-inch Standard Hoof Nipper -- this is the industry standard for both farriers and NHC practitioners. It facilitates both ultra-precision when cutting the mustang roll and ease of trimming. Drop-forged from chrome vanadium steel.

G.E. Forge "Easy" 14-inch Race Track Hoof Nipper -- This model is a sleeker, lighter weight version of the Easy 14-inch Standard Hoof Nipper above. In fact, I use both nippers, and not infrequently, when trimming the same hoof. Whereas the Easy 14-inch Standard Hoof Nipper is somewhat heavier and offers more leverage "power" with each nip, particularly at the hoof wall, the Race Track model facilitates greater precision nipping of the bars and stubborn solar plates due to its smaller cutting jaws. Drop-forged from chrome vanadium steel.

When ordering, specify in the drop down menu above whether you want the item shipped to you, or that you will pick it up at my clinic (no shipping fee).