Hoof Meter Reader (for professionals)


Invented by Jaime Jackson. 2012 model replaces 1999 version

Includes the following

  • 3 levels of instructions for hoof care professionals (DVD with PowerPoint):
    • Naturally shaped hooves
    • Minor capsule deformity 
    • Extreme capsule deformity
  • 2 Hoof Meter Readers
    • Reads easily from both sides of the horse — no need to reach across one hoof to measure the other.
    • 3 measurement dials:
      • Yellow dial measures left hooves.
      • Red dial measures right hooves.
      • White (center) dial is scaled in both metric and U.S. units.
    • Measurements are calibrated to my measurement data gathered from wild horse hooves as published in The Natural Horse: Lessons from the Wild (Northland Published, 1992).
      • Compare your client horse’s measurements with those of sound wild horse hooves.
      • Know when  horse’s hoof measurements are in the “natural” and “healthy” ranges or are “unnatural” and need critical care.
    • Indispensable hoof gauge for conducting the natural trim.

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Note to professionals: if you are new to natural hoof care (NHC) based on the wild horse model, I highly recommend that you purchase the ISNHCP Basic Natural Trim Training Manual. This strategically important text will introduce you to the foundational principles and practices of NHC, guide you through the steps of the natural trim and its related learning materials, and identify the specialized tools and equipment we use as NHC practitioners.