HMR Platform


The latest addition to my natural trim tool/equipment line-up. Named for the Hoof Meter Reader, the HMR Platform is a major breakthrough for ease and accuracy of measuring the horse's hoof. It interchanges quickly with the grip head of the WS-1 Hoof Stand for measuring toe angle and toe length with the Hoof Meter Reader. Raises and lowers to facilitate the horse's balance and comfort. Tested with different horses for stability (more photos of this coming). Includes a drawer with magnetic latch that rotates out from under the platform's thick plywood deck for easy and immediate access to your HMRs, vernier caliper, Sharpie pen, and tailor's tape. Deck's custom welded steel under-structure gives the HMR Platform strength and stability. No need to lay on the ground to measure, take photos, or record your data.

Shipping: Rates vary widely from state to state, and from country to country. My practice is to refund shipping to you any amount over my own shipping costs. I get commercial shipping rates, so in many instances I can save you on shipping.