F. Dick "Turf" Flat Rasp


Essential natural trim tool

I offer the German-made F. Dick "Turf" Flat Rasp, arguably the best flat rasp manufactured today: It is aggressively sharp, balanced, and smooth to push. This is a critically important tool used in the natural trim; it is deployed specifically to remove wall flare and establish symmetry around the outer wall.

This tool, however, is not recommended for turning the mustang roll or shortening the hoof wall. Use the following tools for these purposes:

Hoof Nipper, Radius Rasps, Hoof Buffer/Sander.

Learn about the Mustang Roll and other critical steps of the natural trim in the ISNHCP Basic Natural Trim Training Manual.

Go here for training to become a natural hoof care practitioner.

Rasp handles and accessories available here.

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