Evo Spring Powered Nipper


Essential natural trim tool

My friend Les Emery at Evolutionary Hoof Care Products has created a new "game changer" in nipper technology. Here's the description and its precision engineering makes it ideal for natural trim mechanics:

  • Powerful integrated springs for fast one- or two-hand use.
  • Unique flared handles for easy grip and greater leverage.
  • Closure screw for easy storage.
  • Thin, fast cutting, easy to sharpen blades.
  • Ideal for bevel cut on wall to create Mustang Roll.
  • Two spring strengths: Firm and Soft Action for larger and smaller hands.

Les and I agree that heavy handed rasping of the volar dome is injurious to the horse's hooves. Precision nipper work is the solution. I will add that ISNHCP clinicians can provide important instruction in nipper use; go here to learn more.

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