Schedule a Natural Trim

I am available for trimming horses on a very limited basis. My specialty is the natural trim, particularly when applied therapeutically in the healing of quarter cracks, laminitis, Navicular Syndrome, and hooves damaged by shoeing and invasive trimming methods.

In most instances, I will also require that your horse be given a Soundness Evaluation. The purpose of this exam is to confirm laminitis, chronic laminitis, Navicular Syndrome, and upper body problems that cause lameness and club foot. I also collect critical measurements which help me to track healing changes over time -- very important!

The following rates apply to horses local to Lompoc, CA. Additional travel fees apply if outside my home base. Email me to schedule an appointment.

Basic natural trim: $200*

Soundness evaluation: $150 (highly recommended for all horses)

*Hooves suffering from significant deformity due to chronic laminitis, horses with clubfoot, and horses that are lame will require a larger fee.