About These Tools

A message from Jaime Jackson:

Visit any farrier supply house and you will discover a myriad -- sometimes in the thousands -- of hoof care tools and equipment for sale. One is left to ponder, what in heaven's name are we doing to the horse's feet that we need so many different things? The question really is, what is truly needed to do the job right for the horse's well-being? Since I do not advocate horseshoeing under any circumstance, we've eliminated a lot of unnecessary choices right there! Because I am a dedicated NHC practitioner, I know exactly what is needed to conduct an exemplary natural trim. This includes hand tools for doing the actual trim work, and equipment to make the job of trimming more efficient and less stressful. What we don't want to use are tools that are of such dubious quality that they impede the work, and equipment that only creates more stressful labor.

So, it goes without saying, the only tools and equipment I'm going to sell here, is what I personally use. Trust me, I am a pragmatist by nature and a stickler for efficiency and quality work, and anything I bring to the horse and his feet are going to serve those ends. If a tool, for example, isn't necessary for doing the best quality job -- why keep it around or try to put if off on the unwitting?

Because the "barefoot revolution" is still very much on, it also goes without saying, there are going to be innovations in the tools and equipment we use. When those come along, and they clearly render the "old tools" obsolete, you won't find them here anymore. They will be replaced. That means we -- you and I -- are going to progress. "Progressive development," as I explain to students arriving at my clinics with the crappy tools. "Throw that in the bucket, I don't want to see it again. You're done with that." And while that might pinch the pocketbook for some, they all see that I practice what I preach. And, yes, I've thrown more of my own junk in the bucket over the years than all of them put together.

So, when you purchase your tools or equipment here, the selection will be limited, for sure. But you'll be leaving with the right stuff. Your only concern then will be how to use it correctly and efficiently. But that's no problem either -- because I just happen to have a range of training clinics tailored just for you. Contact my colleague Jill Willis and then get yourself registered! See you soon . . .