2 Day Trim Clinics - “What to Bring”

Message from Jaime Jackson:

The following list of clinic necessities are required for participation in all of my natural trim clinics. If you don’t have these, consider purchasing them on this or Star Ridge Company online stores. The professional grade tools/equipment listed below are my recommendations and they are what I use.

By special arrangement, you can save on shipping by ordering from this site. Your order will be waiting for you at the clinic.

Trimmer’s Apparel

Apron -- Many types are available. I recommend leather aprons. Mine extends down to my shins as seen on the cover of my book The Natural Trim. There's a good reason for this, which I'll explain at the clinic. Order my professional grade product here.

Gloves -- I use heavy duty leather work type gloves with adjustable wrist straps. Available at Star Ridge Company.

Footwear -- I use heavy duty leather work boots. Avoid metal toes unless you want to be cut out with a welder’s torch if a particularly heavy horse happens to step on your toe! Some people will tell you that's nonsense. But ask yourself, "Will they be there for me with the welding torch and cover my subsequent emergency room and surgery bills at the hospital, and then pay me my wages while I'm laid up?"

 Hand Tools

Hoof pick -- I use an 8 inch professional model with finger grips. Avoid smaller hoof picks, and types with brushes at one end. Available here.

Hoof brush -- I use a heavy duty wire brush. Available at hardware and home improvement stores (e.g., Home Depot).

Hoof knife -- Many types are available. Avoid loop knives, knives with two cutting edges, and knives with very pronounced curved blades. Use either a left or right handled knife but not both - using two knives is not necessary and is less efficient. I use and recommend F. Dick and Halverson brands with narrow blades. Halverson are available here. F. Dick available at Star Ridge Company.

Flat Rasp -- I use the large F. Dick flat rasp, the very best in my opinion. Available here and at Star Ridge Company.

Sole Rasp -- I recommend (and use) the SR-2 model used by professionals NHC practitioners, available here.

Radius Rasps (You will need both the RR-1 and RR-2) -- Essential for turning the mustang roll. Available here.

Hoof Buffer/Sanders (You will need both the HB-1 and HB-2) -- Essential for finishing the mustang roll. Available here.

Hoof nipper -- I recommend the 14 inch (36 cm) nippers. Avoid the less efficient smaller models (e.g., 12 inch). I use and sell the professional grade "14 inch G.E. Easy" and "14 inch G.E. Easy Race Track" nippers, available here.

Trimming Equipment

Hoof Stand -- This is optional but highly recommended if you plan to continue trimming your own (and probably others) horses. I use the tripod type with rotating square tool caddy available here. Round base hoof stands are not recommended! If you have one, I suggest that you sell it on e-bay and get my professional model -- the most sophisticated hoof stand/work center technology available today. Definitely make this lifetime investment if you plan to trim others horses as well -- very likely if you master what I'm going to teach you.

Hoof Meter Reader (You will need two) -- Available here.

Measuring tape -- Measuring tape should read in both Metric and U.S. measurement units. Available at Star Ridge Company.

Hoof knife sharpeners -- There are two types, round and flat, and both are needed to do the job. Available at Star Ridge Company.

Vernier caliper -- This tool is indispensable for taking accurate hoof measurements. I prefer the plastic models over the metal ones which are more tedious to use and tend to pinch and cut your fingers if you're not careful. Available at Star Ridge Company.

If you have any questions about what to get, please email me for advice.

Thank you!