The Healing Angle: Nature's Gateway to the Healing Field


by Jaime Jackson

Perfect bound, 2014 edition. 60 pp., black/white and color images.

The Healing Field takes the artful science of NHC beyond mere trim mechanics. No doubt without it, there would be no more order in the most “perfectly” shaped hoof in wild horse country than the most compromised domesticated hoof suffering chronic Supercoriaitis. The Healing Field connects all things, past, present, and future, in the best of ways and in the worst imaginable. It demonstrates unequivocally the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy and its relationship to “cause and effect” in life as a consequence of what we do. This book provides the historical backdrop for the "Healing Angle" derived from the wild horse model. But it also takes the reader into the strange and mysterious Healing Field where mediation of mass and energy affects everything we do and life as we know it. The Healing Angle: Nature's Gateway to the Healing Field is an indispensable advanced companion addendum to The Natural Trim: Principles and Practice.

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